Simple and refreshing . . .with perfect spray pattern and pressure.

Providing you and your family with the cleansing, healing power of water will forever be our #1 goal at SprayQuick. Our handheld sprayers and shattafs offer a simple, efficient way to refresh yourself while the ability to adjust the spray intensity ensures you’ll always receive a soothing, comfortable clean.

And we haven’t forgotten about the youngest members of your family! Our handheld bidets double as diaper sprayers, which allow you to effortlessly spray away any soiled bits into your toilet.

Always shipped same day and available in a variety of finishes, our products are made, assembled, and packaged in the USA with domestic and international components. We pride ourselves in providing you with affordable products that easily allow you to add a bidet, diaper sprayer, or shattaf to your restroom for all-natural hygiene without the need for a plumber.

Benefits of A SprayQuick Bidet

  • Our handheld bidets do not require excessive installation or renovation. Shipped to you fully assembled, they quickly attach to an existing toilet without taking up additional room in the restroom.

  • Adjustable spray pattern makes it easy for you or your loved one to thoroughly clean the private area so that further manual cleansing is not necessary.

  • Because the handheld bidet can reach areas you or your loved one can no longer clean efficiently, there is much less likelihood for bacterial infection.

  • Provides soothing relief for preexisting rashes or other infections. Can quicken the recovery time for such ailments.

  • Most importantly: Helps maintain confidence, independence, and dignity!